Doug’s Vision

I am running to serve you as your representative. I am running to fight the cynicism that says government can’t work for the people, to fight the lack of imagination that says our problems are set in stone. We cannot yield to the voices of failure, we must take responsibility to work together to make things better for ALL of our families.

I want to be your city council representative because I know this role is essential to making the city work for its residents. The role is a rather modest one in the realm of politics, mostly focused on safety, parks, streets, and development. The council person is the people’s representative to provide oversight to City operations, and if done right, ensure service and accountability for the community from the city government. Engaging citizens in caring for and building their own communities through neighborhood associations, NPUs, and civic organizations is essential, and the council person can be a critical link in keeping institutional memory among our groups, even as we see changes in members.

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