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Doug Williams

Atlanta That Works For Everyone

I am running because I know we can make things better by working together. I have spent years working with my neighbors to find solutions, now I’d like to work with you to build our beloved community. I need your help to do that. I am asking for your vote so we can make the city work for all of us.

Moving Forward

I know from experience how to do the work of bringing people together to build a stronger community.


I have led thousands of volunteers, worked with many private and public agencies and raised millions of dollars in improvements with our community. I work to ensure that as we grow, we include everyone.

A Vision For Our Community

I am running to serve you as your representative. I am running to fight the cynicism that says government can’t work for the people, to fight the lack of imagination that says our problems are set in stone. We cannot yield to the voices of failure, we must take responsibility to work together to make things better for ALL of our families.


Engaging Issues

Our campaign will expand the current development plan audit beyond the CDP plan, into a Community Performance Review (CPR) of all city agencies, and engage our communities to identify challenges, goals, and plans for the future. I will work to engage community input in every community, to allow community concerns to shape the issues in this election, and efforts in serving you.


Get Involved

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How This Started

More than one person told me “don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work, the city has been ignoring things here for over 30 years.” That made it my mission. Building a better park created an opportunity for building a better community, as we could engage our neighbors in setting goals, hold the city government accountable, and realize our common vision together.

About Doug

My name is Doug Williams and I’m running to represent the people of District 5 in the Atlanta City Council. I’ve been a resident in the East Lake Community since 2002 where I served as neighborhood president for 3 years, served on the board for 6 years, led parks efforts for 8 years and founded and led the East Lake Farmers market for 6 years. During that time I led our neighbors through renovation and restoration of East Lake Park and the Zaban Center, founded and led the East Lake Farmers Market and the East Lake Farm, and coordinated with the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County Prosecutor’s Office to effectively reduce crime and target law enforcement on the few who were causing harm while improving the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

I led at least 4 dozen volunteer days and many thousands of volunteers and raised over a million dollars in improvements for my East Lake neighbors while bringing people together to build a stronger community. I know from experience that the only way things get better is if we have a common goal and do the work together to make it happen.


  • East Lake neighborhood president for 3 years
  • Served on neighborhood board for 6 years
  • Served as NPU-O representative and officer for years
  • Led parks renovation efforts for 8 years and oversaw the complete renovation of the Zaban Community Center using federal grant and city funds
  • Coordinated community partnership with the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County Prosecutor’s Office to reduce crime and focus law enforcement efforts
  • Founded and led the East Lake Farmers market for 6 years.
  • Partnered with Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless and the USDA to build the East Lake Urban Farm at 2nd Hosea to make healthy food available for all
  • Partnered with the Arthur Blank Foundation and Wholesome Wave to double the value of SNAP benefits at the Farm
  • Served on the DeKalb County Advisory Board for animal services to help get the new shelter built and double its budget
  • Almost 2 decades of experience working with community partners, and government to build a better community

Don’t Forget to Vote!

“My dear friends: Your vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have to create a more perfect union.” – John Lewis








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